This is a story of my dream and it might be the pleasure of yours

FEK's bedding is a family company , which was build from dreams, dreams of comfort, elegance, endurance and freedom. In order to understand our story, please feel free close your eyes and try to feel the luxoury of soft touch.

For years, the FLAX LINEN is defying weather, defying cold and wind, just standing proud under raindrops and grow until it is ready to be cut and laid down on the ground to get the best out of nature - out of soil. After some time  FLAX LINEN is ready and it allows us to pass into fabric through a very long process with a lot of patience.


We could say that we share similar characteristics with FLAX LINEN. We went through sun, storm, tunder, rainbow  but we never lost our core - our dignity. And finally we all can shine in our grateness.


Come, follow us and let us help reinvent tradition of FLAX LINEN. 


Your FEK's bedding creator, Natasha