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Our company and FEK's bedding brand started its mission on 1st of February 2018 in Slovenia. We are small family business. Nowadays when we are surrounded with fast fashion we can barely find fabric that is good for our health and goor for environment too. After years of searching for right fabric on which all products will be based, we rediscovered linen. Linen is oldest fabric on Earth and it never gives up. It is even gaining on its importance year over year. Even high fashion started to use linen for its summer/spring collection 2022.

Our linen is comming from reliable sources mainly from Lithuania. With our vendor we share same values which are: simplicity, quality, longlivity, honesty, Value-centricity, trust.

Our products are so made from linen fabric that is made from European flax and in its process there are no chemicals used (they step in with colouring*).

Our mission is: We are helping people reinvent linen and make them sleep and live better. Surround yourself with eco linen luxury and thus take care of yourself and the planet. 

Vision of FEK's bedding brand is to bring back flax linen tradition in Slovenia in next 10 years. Slovenia was strong linen/flax supplier, we have great conditions for flax growth, we just lost the knowledge and interest. With the sustainability awarnes, growing day by day we can add value to Slovenia's economy and create a lot of jobs. Linen is breathe of Europe and let ie make breath of Slovenia as well.

With our way of doing business we made it in year 2020, according to Company Wall ( to the top of 7% of Slovenian companies with credit rating A+. We will continue doing businees on the same foundations and expand every year.

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