Welcome to FEK's bedding ECO LINEN LUXURY world. Linen is the oldest fabric on Earth (the oldest one was found in 2009 in Georgian cave and is dated 36000 B.C.) and the first known textile developed by man. Linen is the strongest fabric as well and when we talk about real sustainable fabric - than we talk about LINEN. It comes from nature, uses rain, sun, wind, snow, to grow and shine as a beautiful, healing fabric. In our shopping corner you can find products made from very well chosen linen fabric. All of the products are hand made and therefore unique. The delivery time for products are from 6-8 weeks, products from GIFT and KIDS corner are on stock. Please check availability and check dimensions specially for fitted sheets.

Reinvent linen and step into FEK's bedding ECO LINEN LUXURY world. Your piece of it is waiting for you.

Nataša, creator of FEK's bedding story

"This is a story of my dreams .. it might become the pleasure of yours.."

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