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Hi, my name is MICI. I am your new sleep soother. But, to be honest, I don't like to sleep so much. I have discovered the beautiful world of books. I love to read. With this I am entering into the world of dreams. Now I would like to tell you my story: Once upon a time there was small baby, alone in its bed, looking for something to make him feel loved, comfortable. "What would I like to hold, hug, what would make me fell good?" baby was thinking. "I want something that will make me warm or to cool me down, something that can soak my tears quickly and to dry instantly, something that I can even chew and nothing harm can happen to me." And this little sheep MICI, heard his little tiny voice and said: "My dear baby, I am made from linen, I am the one you are looking for. I will be there for you, day and night, I will make you feel warm when you are cold and I will cool you down when you are hot. Chew me, just please don't hurt me - I am not harmful at all and I can be there for you till the rest of your life. Let us read the books of life and let us start writing one"

So this little sheep MICI is here for you. Would you like to enter into dreams with her?

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