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Are you looking for something extra for your space? Something that will give this extra glam to it.. The walls are so empty, pictures are too expensive, curtains are so boring.. If you have caught yourself in that kind of thinking than you have not hear of linen curtains yet. Linen curtains are making every room so special. Besides really great decoration - linen curtains also take care of your health. They are dust resistant and they are cleaning the air. Linen is antistatic, having the highest frequency among the fabrics and UV resistable and they are protecting us also from different sorts of radiation. FEK's bedding linen curtains come in different sizes and shapes and are orderable in advance. If you worry about the potential shrinking of linen curtains you can now relax and worry no more. All the materials for curtains are prewashed and there is no further shrinking threath.

We make linen curtains upon request.

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