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Dear..the weekend is ending and new week is in front of us. Usually the people are complaining about Monday's than even Tuesday's and so it goes all the way down to Friday's where they are starting to complain again about the fact that weekend lasts only two days... And so it goes for the majority of people. But I really hope that you are not the majority :) or if yes than I hope that you are willing to take a look on the other side. You know the song - "Allways look on the bright side of life...trala, tralalala". Hard to live like this? Not so - but only if we try.

So - comming back to the topic - SPA. I love SPA, sauna, massage, relax, beautiful music, jacuzzy.. good company and everything that goes along with it. But on the other hand - I am reading on their sites, in their catalogues, that they care about us, that they are treating our body, soul etc really well - in all SPA resorts and than I get only a chance of ussing cotton bathrobe or towels. Nothing against cotton.. but knowing that usualy it is grown too fast -the cotton - and that industry is using a lot of chemicals to make it grow and that they don't use whole plant while making fabric etc... than I am asking myself - why don't they try harder and treat us even better or at least give us a chance to choose.

There is beautiful fabric in the world called LINEN, FLAXLINEN or only FLAX - that is literally the oldest fabric in the world. It is also stronger than cotton, it uses only watter to grow. You can not make it grow faster. So - no need for using any extra "helpers". It also contains silicon-dioxide - the element that prevents bacterias to grow further. It is proven that using natural fabrics - like linen or silk - on regular basis, help people with skin diseases. Silicon-dioxide - well - linen - helps us heal our wounds faster.

What do you think - would you like to see Fek's bedding linen towels in your favourite SPA? Would you like to try it... Don't be affraid - we are here to help you gain totaly new LINEN experience.

And one more thing - we are having promotion in June on all Fek's bedding LINEN TOWELS, BEACH TOWELS...

Till next time - I do hope that you will be curious enought to contact us for more information.

Wishing you very beautiful begining of new week :)

Nataša - Fek's bedding creator

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