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In the place - where our breathing is the deepest - where we are supposed to feel safe - but do we really care where we sleep. On what sheets our body rests, on what cushion cover does our head lay... Just keep on reading and maybe you will start to care.

European FLAX label - because we care. Did you know that flax needs only watter to grow, and can not grow in its quality way under hot atmosphere. That is why label EUROPEAN FLAX was established and this label gives you:

✨Material origin and traceability European flax fiber is produced in Western Europe: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, an added value for 61% of European consumers who declare themselves ready to pay more for linen of certified European origin (Source: The European Barometrer for Flax/Linen, BVA and BiobyDeloitte, 2015) .

✨Environmentally friendly production Flax is a 100% natural fibre. Thanks to favorable climate and soil conditions, European flax fibre culture has low impacts on the environment: no irrigation, no GMO, no waste. The fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical. Flax fibre production is besides committed to continuous improvement on culture and fibre extraction practices.

✨Social responsibility and ethics Flax production complies with the rules of the International Labor Organization

✨Comfort qualities with proven performances. Comfort, Thermo-regulation, Moisture Management, Anallergy and Dye affinity.

FEK's Bedding brand is offering you products that are made by linen with this label.

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