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Have you ever received something so special, so "expensive", that you said to yourself, uf I will use that only on special occasions, only for Xmas, Easter.. because I don't want it to become dirty and to look old and ugly?

I must confess that I did. Specialy when I receive linen tablecloths, napkins, something that I am about to use in kitchen with food or drink. And of course someone will pour wine, some food will fall on this precious piece of tablecloths and it will be forever ruined.

Is this true for linen? Hm... I have read a lot and honestly I didn't believe it so I said to myself - I will try it on my own. With some pain in my chest I placed nice white table runner on my kitchen table and left it there for everyday use. And when my kids started to eat I was in panic mode inside me - it is expensive, be careful:) And it happened - blueberry fell of the spoon on this white linen table runner. I was like, noooooooo. And than I said - ok - let us see what will happen. No panic, no panic, they say that linen is stain resistant. How is it possible - I see big purple stain in the middle of my white table runner. Ok, I will rub the stain with some washing powder and it will wanish. But wait - I am not allowed to rub linen because it will loose all the characteristics and I am not supposed to use some agressive washing powder either. Sorry beautiful white linen table runner - this is the end. I am not able to save you.

What can I loose - I will try and put it in washing machine on 30 degrees and wash it with normal washing powder and let us see if what they claim is true.

This program lasts for 30 minutes and I was like... hm, let me see - what if stain is there when I pull out of the washing machine my white table runner.

And my washing machine stoped. I opened the door and pull out my white linen table runner and started to search for the stain.

It was not there - literaly it wanished without wanish :)

Yeeeeee - I was soooo happy. It works - literally it works. And after this experience I no longer use linen tablecloths only for special ocassions - I use it each and every day in the kitchen and I have discovered also many other benefits of using linen in kitchen.

Here are some of them:

  1. Do you want to have shiny glasses with no trace of any fabric? - try linen

  2. Do you want to use your kitchen towel more than once when it gets wet with no odor smell? - use linen

And all of this is possible because of linen characteristics which are:

  • Linen is Almost Zero fluff or lint


  • Linen is dust resistant

  • Linen is antistatic

*not all of them are listed

With all of this and even more I am now using linen in my kitchen on daily basis. My glasses are shiny, my guests at the table are more relaxed (yes - this is also because of linen) and I am not nervous anymore about the stains. We all enjoy and linen is helping us.

Try linen for yourself and start enjoying your time in kitchen.

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