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Did you know that linen effectively inhibits pathogenic microflora and bacteria while repelling dirt?

Did you know that linen is the only anti-static fabric?

And did you know that linen is actually one of the cleanest fabrics among fabrics, as it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria?

Did you know that linen is not mite-friendly and has no conditions for the existence and reproduction of mites?

Linen is also the most frequently mentioned fabric in the Bible, Hippocrates already talked about it, he used linen to wrap wounds, for faster healing. No wonder linen has the title - healing fabric.

Quite a few prestigious hospitals in the world are recommending the use of linen bedding for better well-being. These same hospitals also place patients on linen sheets after surgery, as treatment and recovery time is significantly shortened with the help of linen. Lying on linen bedding prevents the formation of deposits.

Yes, linen is an extraordinary fabric that has been forgotten in the world of rush, fast fashion. We are surrounded by synthetic fabrics, fabrics of artificial origin, which are softened with the help of chemicals to the extent that they give our senses a pleasant sensation. However, this is essentially a kind of deception, just as in the sea sirens beckon sailors to come near them, only to find their doom there.

That's how it is with the choice of fabrics that are available to us in today's world. We invest in cars, real estate, art, cryptocurrencies, we pay a lot of health insurance, but we often forget about investing in our health.

You know that on average a person sleeps 26 years in his life, 7 years are spent trying to fall asleep. And you probably also know that sleep strengthens mental health, improves physical well-being and consequently takes care of our immune system, weight regulation and even fertility.

I believe that it is difficult to choose the right one in the flood of commercials, I believe that we are filled with doubts, just as surely some of you will be filled with doubts whether everything that is written here is true. Let me share my experience with you. Since I've been sleeping on linen sheets, I don't have headaches anymore - how did I find this out, when I slept on non-linen hotel sheets on a trip, I woke up with a headache (but not a single drop of alcohol was drunk :) ) and I wondered how is this possible, what did I do? I looked at the pillow, it was wet from my sweat, my drooling, and of course my head was "swelling" in this wetness all night. Well, I drool and sweat even at home :) But in the morning I wake up on dry sheets and what's more, there isn't even a stain from my saliva. And all this thanks to the extraordinary properties of linen.

Since I have experienced all of this described above myself, I wanted to offer it to you as well - I would like you to learn about the magical powers of linen, to discover linen with the FEK's bedding brand and take your dreams, your well-being and your health to a new level.

Start investing in health by choosing linen for your sleeping environment, which is the main and only thread of the FEK's bedding brand.

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